Carpet Bowling - season Starts Sept 11, 2019

This game is a variation of Indoor Bowls which is played in the South of England. One person throws the “jack” the small white ball, and then everyone tries to throw the “bowl” as close to the jack as possible. The team with the most bowls closest to the jack wins.

It’s an easy game to play, but apparently it’s not an easy game to play well. The reason, the bowl is shaved on one side causing it to bend. Beginners spend much of their time keeping the bowl out of the ditch. So if you think the game is just for older folk, think again. England’s World Matchplay champion, Ellen Faulkner is only 26! If you get really good you can compete in the 55+ BC Games and come home with a gold medal.

Our group plays on Wednesday at 1:30pm in the lower hall of the Cedar Centre. So if you are interested you can come and give it a try for only $3. Join our Association, it’s only a toonie per session!

For more information call Ron 250-675- 5110