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Potluck Orientation

The purpose of this orientation is to outline the Expectations/Role when you volunteer to be a server at the pot luck supper/ or when working in the kitchen for other events. 

When you volunteer to be a server you don't need to bring a dish to share and you get to eat first!

Attending this orientation session is not making a commitment and you may volunteer without having attended this orientation. Sometimes people hesitate to volunteer as they are not aware of the expectations or the lay out of the kitchen.. No one likes to volunteer for a task when he/she doesn't know what is involved.

Some of the topics covered will be: setting up for meals, serving the meal, and then clean up. An introduction to the ovens, refrigerators, coffee maker, dishwasher and where dishes & cutlery are stored, etc.

As there is a handout please confirm your attendance with Ann Ramsey at 250-675-2644, but don't hesitate to come at the last minute as she will make a few extra copies.