Par 3 Golf Course

The Cedar Heights Golf Course will close effective September 4th for greens and irrigation upgrades

The long-awaited re-construction of the golf course will begin on Tuesday, September 4th. This will involve major re-contouring of the fairways and greens construction in the area of the existing Greens 1, 8 and 9. Greens 1 and 8 will be re-constructed to provide for more playable slopes and proper fringes will be constructed. Green 9 will be enlarged and converted to a putting green. The new Green 9 will be located between the putting green and Green 8 and the two tees that play onto that green will be re-located. The new Holes 9 and 18 will play shorter than they currently play but the tee-to-green elevation change on Hole 9 and the feature of shooting over the gulley on Hole 18 will be retained. We hope to carry out some additional tree pruning around the construction area in September as well.

We anticipate that shortly after the greens re-construction, a major trenching operation around the complete course will be carried out as part of our work to improve the irrigation system. The current irrigation system which probably is about 30 years old, is controlled by a controller and valve systems that allows for only four watering zones for the whole course. That design limitation, combined with low water pressure, explains the current challenge of keeping our

As a result of this work, the golf course will be shut down on the 4th of September for the remainder of the year. The greens re-construction needs to be completed before September 15th so the grass has a chance to root before the winter months. A delay beyond mid-September for seeding lessens the chance of successful fall rooting. The option of spring re-construction would delay the start-up of the course next year until mid-June.

We thank you for your continued support for our ongoing improvement work and aim to have our new greens ready for play at the regular start-up time in 2019.


Our beautiful treed five acre Par 3 Pitch & Putt course is open for play by everyone, not just our members. We have two sets of tees, turning our 9 holes into an 18 hole course for an additional $5. 

Families with children and newer golfers will appreciate the short distances on most holes, and we now have a Driving Cage to practice before heading out on the greens.  Club rentals for both adult and children are also available for $5.

Holes range from 29 to 94 yards, but accuracy is rewarded. Experienced golfers will find the narrow flight paths, smaller greens, and sloping fairways provide a real challenge and great practice for your short game.

Par 3 Golf Course


Our course is staffed and maintained by volunteers who allow us to keep our fees affordable for the whole family. Adults can play 9 holes of golf for only $10, children under 12 if accompanied by an adult are 1/2 price.

If you live here year round and play often the best deal is a golf membership for you and/or your family as sports memberships for youth and children are reduced substantially.

If you are here on vacation and plan to play either golf, pickleball, or bocce our sports coupons are a great deal. 


This year you can purchase booklets of 10 coupons which can be used for Golf, Pickleball or Bocce.  Coupon Books can be used by yourself or your visiting guests.  They are also available at reduced prices for youth and children (12 and under), perfect for when your grandkids visit. This is a savings of 15-25% versus paying drop in fees.

Price of Coupon Books:           Adults: $40     Youth: $25       Children: $15

Golf:                                                  2 coupons per round of 9 holes

Pickleball:                                        1 coupon per 2 hour session

Bocce:                                              1 coupon per 2 hour session

Par 3 Golf Course


If you want to play as much as you want, join our Association for only $25 and buy a golf membership for $75. Practice your short game on our course and dazzle your golf buddies with your improved score!

The course is an ideal place for youths age 12 – 17 to practice at a reasonable cost and children to learn the game as often the course is less crowded than regular courses.

Buy an Association family membership for $50 and you can buy golf passes for your kids for ½ price, $30 and children under 12 only $15.


ADULT        YOUTH          CHILD

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP:       $75            $40               $20

COUPON BOOKLETS           $40            $25               $15

9 HOLE DROP-IN                  $10             $10                $5

18 HOLE DROP-IN                 $15             $15                $10

CLUB RENTALS                     $5              $5                 $5

For more information call Brian @ 604-817-4674  


We hold several free clinics each season for our members to get coaching on driving, pitching and putting practice.

There are also 4 Fun Tournaments each season for members and guests, followed by a delicious meal and great prizes for a very reasonable cost.




Ladies if you are new to the game, or just want to get out and meet some new golfers you can play twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings with the Cedar Chicks with Sticks.

They are playing at 10:00 -12:00 but may start earlier in the summer when it gets hot.  Call Dolores 250-675-2468 for details and to confirm the start time. Drop in $10 for 9 holes & $15 for 18 holes. Or join our association and buy a golf sports membership for $75 & play as much as you like!