They are the heart and soul of our organization, without them our Association wouldn’t exist. Collectively they contribute more than 9000 hours of their time each year, and our Association has been going since 1974!



You name it, they do it. Here are just some of the things they do to keep the doors open, our premises spic and span, and the funds to provide all the programs and activities you see on our website.

They make 90 homemade apple pies, bake countless cookies and cakes, and create handmade items to raise money for the Association.

They look after the garden, prune the lilacs, spread sand on the golf course, build walkways, pour cement, clean the ovens, decorate the hall, wash the windows and man the information kiosk.


They organize the Fashion show, Artisan Market, Plant Sale, Potluck dinners, Movie nights, Pickleball, Bocce and Golf Tournaments, Golf Clinics. Kids Christmas Shopping, and a Wine and Cheese for Newcomers. They even cooked a 100 pound pig and vats of lobsters!


Who are they?

All of our volunteers deserve a place on our website but just not enough space. 

When you attend an event at the Centre you can count on a warm welcome and a smiling face at the door. Gail, Jean Luc, and Judy welcome our members attending Lobsterfest.   

We are fortunate to have a group of retired professionals who in addition to pushing a broom and clearing tables; also manage our Association. Best of all we benefit from their lifetime of experience for free! If we paid them by the hour, and we paid them what they were worth in their previous careers, we couldn’t afford them.



Back row from left; Nancy & Brian Waddington, Bryan Lowes, Middle row from left; Shaunne Letourneau, Sherri Abrahamczik, Dean Wallace, Hilary Brown, Betty Shriver, Jean Luc Desgroseilliers and centre front; Cynthia Blacklock. Missing Glenn Smith.

Back row from left; Nancy & Brian Waddington, Bryan Lowes, Middle row from left; Shaunne Letourneau, Sherri Abrahamczik, Dean Wallace, Hilary Brown, Betty Shriver, Jean Luc Desgroseilliers and centre front; Cynthia Blacklock. Missing Glenn Smith.

Executive Team:

President:   Hilary Brown

Vice-President:   Bryan Lowes

Past President:  Jean Luc Desgroseilliers

Treasurer:  Cynthia Blacklock 

Secretary:   Betty Shriver

Board of Directors and Board Coordinators:

Click HERE for our 2019 organization chart. 



If you live in this community and belong to the Association you know how wonderful it is to have a place where we can get together and have fun. They also enjoy that sense of belonging that comes from being an active member and they feel it’s important to give back to the community especially now they are retired.

So if you want to use some of those skills that took you a lifetime to learn, volunteer to help out, we are always looking for new ideas and new people. You can’t use the excuse you’re only here for part of the year, we encourage job sharing. The old expression “many hands make light work” certainly applies here. The guys are spreading sand on the greens so our Par 3 golf course will be ready for the summer golf season. 



how we thank our volunteers

Volunteers make everything possible at Cedar Heights.   Collectively they devote about 9,000 hours of service to make our programs and events a reality.   Our moto has been “Many Hands Make for Light Work” and that is certainly true.  The workload varies from individual to individual, of course.  Most just want a sincere ‘thank you’ at the time of the event they are working. 

However, some deserve even more, as they contribute considerable time and effort, year after year.  They deserve recognition from the members, as they have made Cedar Heights the wonderful organization we all love.  

This spring the Board of Directors followed up on the results of a survey of our volunteers and amended the long-standing policy on Volunteer Recognition on March 18, 2018..  The goal was simplification.  To have a look at the three categories, the criteria for the award, and the deadline for nominations CLICK HERE.    

Nominations must come from the members themselves, so if there is an individual who you feel deserves special recognition, please contact our Vice President, by September 30th to make a nomination.  He will review all nominations and report to the Board in October for approvals of the nominations they feel meet the criteria. Certificates will then be presented at the Fall General Meeting in November.   


The best way is to phone our office and our administrators will put you in touch with one of our Board Members or Program Co-ordinators. Their names and phone numbers are also on our brochure if you want to contact them directly. 

You can also sign up at our General Meetings or when you become a member let us know how you can help on the form. If we are not available please leave a detailed message and the appropriate person who will get back to you. You can also drop in at the office on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1:00 till 3:00 pm and let the administrators know you would like to help.

Signup to be an Information Kiosk Greeter   

One of the easiest ways to help out is to signup as a volunteer Greeter to staff our Information Kiosk; simply click HERE and it will take you to the 2019 Information Kiosk SignUpGenius online sign-up site.    

The Association operates an Outdoor Information Kiosk adjacent to our Community Centre from early April to early October. The Kiosk is staffed by Greeters (volunteers and summer students) on weekends in May, June and September, and daily from the end of June to the end of August. 

The Greeters provide information about the Association as well as oversee the registration and collection of drop-in fees for our bocce, golf and pickleball programs.  The staffing runs from 8:00 am to 8:00/8:30 pm (depending on time of year) divided in three shifts per day.  If every member of our 525+ Association membership contributes to this effort, each member would only have to do one shift every two years! 

  • For each shift completed, the Greeter's name will be entered into a draw for the choice of a 2020 Association membership, bocce membership, golf membership or pickleball membership.

  • For more information about the Kiosk, click HERE or contact the 2019 Information Kiosk Coordinators or Supervisor.

    Kiosk Coordinator: 

    Jean-Luc Desgroseilliers (jldesgroseilliers@telus.net or (250) 833-2911)

    Kiosk Supervisors:

    1.  Rose Colin (rocol@telus.net or (250) 675-2690) & Assistant Coordinator

    2.  Gloria Heinzmann (gloria16@telus.net or (250) 675-0036)

    3.  Doug Cathro (dlcathro@telus.net or (250) 675-4800)